Monday 1 May 2017

Viva Navidad Carsland!

Day 4, part 2:

So our next stop along the pier was in front of the Bayside Brews. I had read online somewhere that this was a good place to stand for Disney’s Viva Navidad. We weren’t there very long when a burst of colour, song and dance erupted on the street:

When that was over we headed back along the pier and had another go at the “Goofy about Fishing” game. The CM was a lot friendlier this time. I won a pink fish this time and he said I shouldn’t believe anything the fish says because it’s a “lion fish.”
 We spotted the Green Army Men out doing a show as well:
Next we took a trip down Route 66 straight into Radiator Springs. The whole area was awesome; it looked like you had stepped into the Cars Movie.

My trip buddy wasn’t buying into the whole Cars thing so went to phone home while I went on Radiator Spring Racers:

 I had read on another trip report that at one point the cars split and that very rarely did she get to go to the paint room but when the cars split with me I got the paint room:

At the end of the race they announced that my car won as well!!! After the excitement of the race we decided to just take a stroll through some of the shops:
They had some pretty cute Christmas decorations for sale:

We spent a while longer in Carsland just taking in the scenery and stopping for photos every so often. It really was fantastically themed:

 Even the Christmas trees had Cars on them:

Eventually we decided to head over to Bugs land for a while. Another very well themed area in the park. Everything is giant sized here to make you feel like you’ve been shrunk to the size of a bug:

I loved the lollipop stick benches:
Tower of terror off in the distance:
Loved the bugs stuck to lollipops as lights as well:

We took a quick ride on Heimlich chew train before heading to the next show:

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