Friday 12 May 2017

Retail Therapy at Citadel Outlets

Day 7:
Sunday, 23rd of November

So today we were taking a break from parks and heading to the Citadel Outlets for a bit of retail therapy. The outlets were pretty much the same as any American outlets, full of designer shops with items super cheap compared to home.  We got to the outlets early and used this dude as our marker for where to get the bus home:
We did lots of shopping but of course we couldn’t go to the outlets without a visit to the Disney Store. They had a sale on their plush toys it was buy one get one for one dollar!
The store was insane. It was like rats to the last bit of food. It was complete and utter chaos and the displays were all extremely messy making it very hard to actually see what was available in the store at all. I did find a Duffy bear for half price though:

I spotted a cute little Kevin as well:
After the Disney store we just browsed the outlets for a while before it was time to head back to the bus. The outlets claimed to have the world’s tallest Christmas tree. This said it was 40ft high:
I loved the way around the outlets the Palm trees were decorated with ribbons and lights for Christmas as well:
We had booked a bus back for 6 and we kind of felt like we could have done with more time there but the outlets were very busy that day and we were both getting sick of the crowds so we headed back to the hotel. When we got back we had a rest for a while then my trip buddy wanted to go to a nearby CVS for some snacks. They had a giant M&M near their check-outs:
We got Meatball Marinara subs in subway and brought them back to the hotel for dinner:

Then we had a much needed early night.

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