Thursday 20 August 2015

Dublin at Christmas time

In November 2014 my usual trip buddy and myself were going to California.  We decided that since it was a long flight we would stay in a hotel at the airport the night before so Sunday the 16th got everything sorted at home and then left for Dublin. I love Dublin at Christmas time and there was a new little Christmas Market  so I wanted to check that out on the way to the airport. There were little huts all lined up along the road and they had everything from jewellery, decorations, clothes, handmade items, toys and food.
After that I had to stop off at the  Disney store for a browse. They had Olaf, Anna and Elsa in their window for Christmas.
 On the other side they had a life size figure of Sven:
They had also added a third level in there of boys stuff and have figures from Star Wars and the Marvel characters down there.
Once I had checked out the Disney store I took a wander around Dublin to look at the decorations:
I went into a few shops that had some cute Disney bits as well:
On Henry street they were turning on the Christmas lights so it was a tiny bit packed there but the decorations were cute:
After that I  the bus out to the airport. I got off the bus at terminal 2 and could walk to the hotel from the bus. We were staying in the Maldron at the airport:
We had booked the hotel online or so we thought, they asked for a credit card number when you book it so one would presume that meant they were charging you for it on their website. So I had the print out of our booking and went up to check in with what was possibly the most unfriendly receptionist ever! She wouldn't let me check in. Said that she needed a credit card to pay for the room. I pointed out we had paid online and she was like no that was only to secure the room they don't charge you on the website. It does not say this when you're booking it at all! My trip buddy wasn't there yet and they had the credit card we booked with so I had to wait until they arrived to get into the room:
 Cool picture of one of the bridges and convention centre in Dublin on the wall:
I had an early night excited to head off to California the next day.