Sunday 5 October 2014

Anxious Bunny part 2

This past week with the death of Robin Williams the word depression has been thrown around on the internet alot. The big emphasis being that people don't understand it. It's true people don't get. Perhaps one of the most ignorant things I heard someone say this week is that it's only a mind set. You can choose to let it control you or you can choose to get up and get on with life. Except you can't. You don't get out of bed and go you know what today I think I'll be sad and depressed, I have tomorrow to be happy. Depression is an illness the same as cancer and just as cancer affects your body in a negative fashion, depression affects your mind in a negative fashion.

Regarding all the blogs talking about Robin Williams this one is the best for me because it shows the greatest understanding of the illness I think. Clickie

Tonight I watched Good Will Hunting.  Great movie.  There was one line that stood out for me though, "You'll have bad times but they'll only wake you up to the good things you weren't paying attention to." It made me think. A few years ago I had music, I had dancing, I had martial arts, I knew I liked these things but when I started having anxiety attacks I walked away from all that. It's only in the last three years I started claiming those back and I realised that when I have these I smile, when I don't have them I get stressed easily and more upset easily. These were my good things. I took them for granted and didn't realise just what a high value they had in my life.

 Be kind to others, don't judge and never assume that everyone is ok. Be aware of those that seem alone a simple text inviting them out with you for the day could mean the world to them.

Robin Williams, Genie, you're free. Sleep well