Monday 12 May 2014

Anxious Bunny

Dear blog world,
                        Allow me to rant for a second or two. One thing that really annoys me is when someone says things like anxiety and stress sure you're not really sick there's nothing really wrong with you!  Of course there's not!... except there is! Everyone deals with stress and anxiety differently. Some people are able to take what others say or do and walk away and forget it whereas others have taken so much of what others do and say that they are so broken on the inside they can't just walk away and forget. They walk away and they analyze every little detail of the conversation that took place. If it's something like a bad situation at work they can't walk away and leave the situation at work they take it home and they go over and over it in their head until they can no longer sleep at night for worrying about it or until the very thoughts of returning to the situation gives them chest pains! I found this blog a few months ago and I think it describes perfectly what anxiety can do to a person or just what goes on in someones head when they have anxiety: Clickie

                      Treat people the way you would expect them to treat you. Don't bully, go power hungry because someone looks to you for advice or try to isolate someone because where you don't see any harm in it at the time the person you do it to might take that and live with it for years unable to get over what you did to them!

                        That is all