Friday 10 January 2014

Let it go!

Frozen is the latest release from Disney and its amazing. Based on the Hans Christian Anderson story of The Snow Queen it follows the story of two sisters who are of course princesses. One, Elsa, has special powers that she tries to keep secret all her life. On Elsa’s coronation day there is a party, Anna gets over-excited once the gates to the kingdom are finally opened meets handsome Prince Hans and instantly falls in love. When she asks for Elsa’s blessing though things go a little wrong and Elsa ends up revealing her icy powers to the Kingdom before running away. 

Anna follows Elsa into the mountains in an attempt to get her sister to come back to Arendelle and meets Kristoff, the lovable Sven and a humorous little snowman called Olaf. Together they travel to Elsa’s ice castle to try convince her to return home but Elsa begins to panick and hits Anna in the heart with her icy powers. She creates a snow monster to try chase off Anna and her friends. Once they escape the snow monster Kristoff notices that Anna’s hair is turning white and takes her to his troll friends to get her help. While they are with the trolls Anna collapses and the Troll Priest says only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart. If not Anna will be frozen solid. It then becomes a race against time to get Anna back to Hans in Arendelle but once they get there we discover that Hans isn’t all he is made out to be and leaves Anna to freeze before going to kill Elsa. Olaf comes to Anna’s rescue and they race to find Elsa before Hans can harm her. Just as Hans is about to kill Elsa, Anna throws herself in front of his sword and it hits her instead of Elsa. She then turns to solid ice however she quickly thaws because she sacrificed herself to save her sister, constituting an act of true love.

Elsa realizes love is the key to controlling her powers, she thaws and the kingdom and queue big happy ending! 

The movie is beautifully animated with loads of new characters to fall in love with. Sven and Olaf are two that stood out for me. Olaf seemed a little dim witted but funny, lovable and when it came down to it proved he would sacrifice himself to save his friends. 

Another thing I loved about this movie was the music. There’s the great little song introducing the story of the princesses growing up called “Do you want to build a snowman?” Olaf has his own funny song called “In Summer” but the song that stands out the most for me sung by Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) was “Let it go.” 
Great movie, which has received great reviews and definitely a must see.