Sunday 29 June 2014

Maleficent and Tinkerbell

Recently went to see the latest Disney movie Maleficent and well I loved it!

This movie is the retelling of the story of Sleeping Beauty from Maleficent’s point of view and shows the audience her history and back-story and the reasons why she cursed the baby Aurora.

The tale starts off with a young Maleficent befriending and falling in love with a human boy named Stefan. Stefan is enticed by power though and eventually betrays her in order to become King so in return Maleficent places a curse on his baby daughter Aurora. The king gives Aurora to three fairies to take care of until her 16th birthday and they take the child to live in the woods in order to keep her safe.

Through-out her life Maleficent watches the child grow and finds herself falling in love with her so that by the time it comes to her 16th birthday she tried to find a way to reverse the spell. After the true loves kiss the movie ends with a big battle and then everyone lives happily ever after.

While some of the movie is similar to the animated version the ending is very different and I thought it was interesting to know the back story of Maleficent and to know that she really isn’t all that evil! Overall I thought it was a great movie but perhaps again it’s one of those that if you aren’t really a big Disney fan you’re not going to love it!

Another movie I watched today was Tinkerbell and the Pirate fairy. This is about a dust fairy named Zarina who after being relieved of her duty as a dust fairy goes and joins a team of pirates as captain of their ship. After a year when Zarina returns and steals the blue pixie dust Tinkerbell and her closest fairy friends follow her to get the pixie dust back. Of course there are several battles with pirates, the fairies get captured, the fairies escape, they get captured again but in the end everyone lives happily ever after once they defeat the pirates and return to Pixie Hollow.
Again I thought the movie was good and particularly like the fact that half way through it dawned on me who the pirates and crocodile were and how they were linking the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell movies together!