Friday 20 December 2013

Don’t make me leave!!!

Florida 2011, Day 15, part 2:

So we continued on with our touring POP

We then headed back towards reception and I took some pictures around that area:

Soon it was time to go wait for the Magical Depress to come and take us back to the airport. We were watching all the other buses pulling up bringing happy people off to the parks while we were waiting as well.

The Magical Depress arrived right on time. I think the bus drivers name was Mario as we were checking onto the bus and loading the cases he was asking where we were from. Thankfully he’d heard of aer lingus and he said he always wanted to go to Ireland. I offered him my plane ticket, but he wouldn’t accept it. I really didn’t want to go home if someone would ship over my two dogs I would happily have stayed there forever-more! Soon everyone was loaded on board and it was time to say farewell to POP and Disney and I just about held the tears back:

There was video filled with Disney characters which definitely helped keep the tears at bay though,  it’s like holding onto to Disney for that little bit longer and it lasts right up until you get to the airport so you don’t notice the length of the journey not that it’s that long anyway:

Once we got to the right terminal at the airport we went straight to check in and then for one more Disney fix because I was not about to give up Disney that quick so off to the airport Disney store. I went to take pics of Mickey outside the shop and a CM saw me and asked if I wanted him to take the pic so I could get in beside Mickey. I said no thanks because I just wanted Mickey Mouse and then I heard this older lady nearby saying to a man beside her how rude of that girl not letting the CM take her pic he was only being nice. I wasn't rude and he smiled and understood I only wanted the mouse.

So after saying a final goodbye to Mickey Mouse we headed for the security and the departure gates. When we got to our gate, the flight was delayed! We sat at the gate and I ate the rest of my Santa cupcake from POP, Mother then gave me dollars to go get drinks in the shop. Remember I had my not a people person grumpy t-shirt on and I had just been bawling because I didn’t want to go home. I was not in funny mode. The girl at the counter looked at me and just smiled and went really? I smiled and didn’t answer. When we got on board the flight it was more than half empty and mouth-less man was back:
Then it was time to say a final farewell for now to Orlando and its blurry lights:
During the dinner I sat my trip mascot to the side of the table:
There was a lovely old man sitting across from us and he was saying as everyone does how Angels face is very cute and life like as if he's about to start talking and he said Angel looked very comfy. Mother told him that Angel had travelled all over the world and yer man was like oh so he's a good traveller.
The old man moved up the plane I guess to somewhere with more leg room since the flight was so empty. He did pass by later on in the flight on the way to the rest rooms I guess and asked how Angel was getting on lol. The flight back was 7 hours long instead of 9 hours and we got back to Ireland just before 8am in the morning.

When we got back it was freezing but the airport had put up Christmas decorations:
We got back home by 11 with many happy memories of a Disney Christmas and that gorgeous castle: 

Retail therapy to help the last day blues!

Florida 2011, Day 15, part 1

8th of December, 2011

Today was the day they would force me onto a plane and make me go back to Ireland. I was not a happy bunny but we did have half a day left to spend in Disney World. So we left the room at 8.30 saying farewell to my Disney bedroom and went to check out:

While Mother was checking out I grabbed a quick breakfast as I needed one last Mickey waffle none of this POP century waffles for adults give me the kids Mickey head:

Just outside the door to POP century’s reception area is the bag check area where you can leave your luggage and go off and do fun stuff for the day so once we did that we headed for Downtown Disney. Spotted a Coca-Cola truck on the way:

Then it was straight to World of Disney to get rid of the last dollars and 20% off vouchers we had.  

We bought loads and I also kept a promise I’d made to Tigger earlier in the trip and got a Tigger hoodie:  
Mother and I met at the check-outs where we were served by possibly the most miserable CM I’ve ever met. She wasn’t smiley and happy like the rest of them and mother was trying to chat with her about the fact we were going home today and how I’d love to stay in Florida and work in Disney. She was like no you wouldn’t there’s no holidays and you have to work every weekend. I just went yeah but you get to see Mickey Mouse every day in some shape or form. Mother wished her well and said she hoped to see her next year and yer one barely cracked a smile!

Once we left World of Disney I left mother sitting on a nearby wall while I went to take a quick picture of the lego features outside the lego store:

When I went back Mother was gone! Turned out she went back in to World of Disney because the CM made a mistake with her receipt. I went back to get a pin and noticed these cute Tinkerbell cups and frames.
And then the paintings on the ceiling. It pays to look up:
After that we decided to head back to POP to pack everything we bought into the luggage. The POP bus was about to leave as we were getting to the stops and we started running and the super cute bus driver saw us and waited for us. Once back at POP we went for food. I had my not a people person Grumpy t-shirt on and the CM at the counter was like “Sorry” I was like for what? And he was like that you’re not a people person. I was like oh no I’m not a leave Disney person. Then he gave us both free drinks for no other reason than it was our day to go home and he was being sympathetic. We both got some cupcakes with our dinner as well. Mother got this one:

I got this cupcake:
I only ate a little bit and the rest came to the airport with me. I also picked up a few Disney snacks to bring home. Then I went into the shop because they had a pin board out so I did pin trading and took pics of some of the cuties for sale in the shop:

After that we decided to wander around POP and see what the resort is like.
I loved looking at the way people had their windows decorated:
There’s Art of Animation:
Best year WDW was built. Thank you Mr. Disney: