Saturday 30 November 2013

Lazy day the second!

Florida 2011, Day 7:

30th November 2011

This was another “lazy” day for us.   We had a lie in this morning and then as we were getting ready I did a bit of squirrel spotting out our hotel room window which had a massive tree right outside the window.  It was kind of cute to watch them running up and down the tree: 
We left the room at 11am and headed out to the iride and along the way found this parked at the hotel reception:

I kind of wondered why it was there but also kind of want one. We waited at the iride stop for about ten mins for the iride and I took pics of the hotel while we waited:

We eventually got an iride and got to the shopping centre and found they had some very cute Christmas decorations:

Of course we went straight to the Disney store:

After the Disney store we went to Chicken now for lunch, not to exciting but since it was for a trip report a picture was needed: 

We spent the rest of the day wandering our favourite shops and once we had shopped til we were about ready to drop again we headed back to the hotel for an early night. 

Friday 29 November 2013

A fantasmic end to the day

Florida 2011, Day 6, part 3:
So after meeting more of our Disney friends we headed over for the last Lights, Motor, Action Stunt show of the day. It was a super cool show all fast cars and fire. It was interesting as well to see how the shoot some of the stunt scenes and then Lightening McQueen had his own little section in it as well which was also cool:

After that we headed back up Sunset Boulevard
In 2010 we had missed Fantasmic so once they opened the theatre we went straight in so we wouldn’t miss it again this year:

We got food there but there wasn’t much only Hot Dogs and crisps but hey if it has Donald Duck on it I’m happy:

Fantasmic was amazing as always but we were both a little disappointed that they had taken Sorcerer Mickey out of the end of the show:

Also funny conversation with a mother and child beside me near the end Mickey comes out on the boat as Steam Boat Willie Mickey whatever then comes out a few seconds after boat goes around the corner in his black and red combo and small boy goes Mammy how did Mickey get off the boat and changed so fast and mammy replies Mickey wasn't on the boat. Little boy goes yes he was mammy I saw him on the top of the boat how did he do that. Mammy replies he wasn't on the boat now be quiet and watch the show!

Anyways we left Fantasmic theatre and battled our way through the queue for the next show back down Sunset Boulevard and I took pictures of the shop windows along the way:

We saw about minute of Mulch Sweat & Shears before heading to our next destination:

After that we went back to the Streets of America for the Osbourne lights and like WOAH they said there was millions of lights but I never imagined anything like this. It was AMAZING! We literally just stood there completely overwhelmed for a few minutes not knowing which way to look first, the music started then and the dancing of the lights started and it was just brilliant and then it got even better because it started snowing. Wowsers was all I could think.  We did eventually start moving down the street and walked all around every corner we could find to see all the lights: 

This was another one of those things that the videos are amazing to watch but when you see it for yourself it's just a million times better. I did make a little video from the night we went though : 
We eventually pried ourselves away from the pretty shiny dancing lights but since the park was closing soon we started to head towards the exit. We stopped to get a photopass pic in front of the big pointy hat:
and I took pics of the shop windows:

Took one last pic of the Christmas tree:

Before heading for the bus. Now another little funny story from the trip my mother apparently was not having much luck with buses on this trip. The first day we went to Disney she had convinced herself that our blue bus from our hotel to Epcot was white. So we went out to bus park in Hollywood studios and I headed for the bus that we would need my mother following along behind. As we were getting on the bus there was a lady in front of us asking the bus driver if the bus would be making a stop at All Star resorts and he was explaining to her this bus would only be going to Epcot and that she needed to go to whatever other number bus stop to get a bus that would stop at the All Star resorts. Fine so that lady gets off the bus and my mother gets on and says "International Palms Resort please." The bus driver just looked like he was thinking it's not my night at which point I piped up and I told mam to sit and explained to her how the buses that say Disney only go on Disney property and we were going to Epcot to get the bus to our hotel. We managed to get the earlier bus at 9pm so we went for a stroll up International drive in search of food.  We went to see what Chuck E Cheese was about because I'd heard so much about it on the Disney forums as well:
We literally just looked and left though and decided to go to Pizza hut. We got a pizza between the two of us but I was literally falling asleep at the table so the nice waiter came over with a box and asked if I'd like to take the rest back to the hotel which I did happily. It was a long day but we got loads done. 

Parade time and meeting a few friends along the way.

Florida 2011, Day 6, part 2:

Once Muppet Vision was over we went out and found some more new friends. First Lightning Mc Queen and Mater:

Then Phineas and Ferb:

We then went off to have a look in the Muppet shop and I of course took pictures:

I thought this was a funny t-shirt:

We then headed back to watch the Voyage of the Little Mermaid:

Once the Little Mermaid was over it was nearly parade time so we went out to wait for it. Balloons: 

The parade had change since our 2010 trip and the new one was called Pixar Pals Countdown to fun. There was new characters like Remy, Doug, Russell and Carl added to the parade which I thought was kinda cool:

After the parade we headed back under the arch but I paused for a few seconds to admire the detail on it:

 We went off to the Animation building then to meet some more Disney friends. First was my favourite mouse, Sorcerer Mickey. 

Next I headed to the Hundred Aker Wood to meet a bear with a rumbly in his tumbly:

The Animation building also had displays of some things from the recent Disney movies which at the time was Winnie the Pooh and Cars:

After exploring the displays we went back outside to find but stopped along the way to take more pics of some cool older Peter Pan pictures:
We were both wearing Mickey Mouse tye-dye t-shirts that day. My one being the bright pink and coloured one:
A CM stopped me to tell me he couldn’t hear himself over my t-shirt. It may have been a little bright. We did get complimented all over the park on our tye-dyes though. I love my crazy bright t-shirt.