Tuesday 10 July 2012

Disney Hollywood Studios at Christmas

So in Disney Hollywood Studios like Animal Kingdom you are met with a giant Christmas tree this time with a big film reel at the base:
Then once you go into the park the streets all have various different Christmas decorations on the lampposts:
The Shops have their own decorations as well often decorated with some of the decorations that you can buy in the parks:
Even some of the shop windows have Christmas displays done out:
By far the highlight of the Christmas stuff in Hollywood Studios though is on the Street of America where not only do they have a giant crib set up:

By night the streets light up with thousands of lights for the Osbourne Spectacle of dancing lights. The lights dance in time to music and it all looks amazing:

Here's a little video I made of it as well:

Thursday 5 July 2012

Disney's Hollywood/MGM Studios shows and parades

Sticking with the pictures of  Hollywood Studios another exhibit worth nothing is One Mans Dream. This is a walk through exhibit that has everything Disney from old plushies to models of the different park icons and plenty of facts about Mr. Walt Disney himself. There is also an optional movie that you can view which is all about Walt Disney's life and his struggles growing up and setting Disney studios:
Almost every park in Disney besides the water-parks have a parade on at some stage in the day. Epcot being the only exception. Disney's Hollywood studios have recently changed their parade from the Block Party Bash to the new Pixar Pals Parade. Block Part Bash was a high energy street party where they would invite kids to get involved. It featured characters from Toy Story, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc and Bugs Life along with a lot of singing and dancing:

The new Pixar Pals parade then seems to have recycled some of the costumes and floats from the Block Party Bash and just spruced some of the other floats up a bit to give them a new theming. All the old favourite characters from Block Party Bash are still there but with some new characters added in like Remy and Bullseye as well as characters from UP!

In the evening then instead of a fireworks show like some of the other parks have Disney's Hollywood studios has Fantasmic. It is basically a show about Mickey Mouses dream involving water tricks, projections, fire, lots of lights, snakes, witches and Disney magic as Mickey Mouse battles to turn his nightmare back to a pleasant dream. It is a fantastic show, they have almost every popular movie represented there in some way:
Fantasmic is definitely one to watch.