Thursday 25 April 2013

Last Day in Disneyland part 2

So after spending the morning wandering the shops of the Disney Village we decided to head down to the Disneyland hotel to check out the Christmas decorations there.

It was also the opening of the House of Goodies for the Christmas season so there was alot of press around the reception area.

First though was the "Decent of the stairs."  Several characters came out usual Disney style music and dancing and a few surprises thrown in like the Beast arriving and then Santa Goofy arriving with presents for Belle and the Beast:

After the little show all the characters moved over to the front of the House of Goodies and officially opened it for the holiday season.

Once the House of Goodies was opened the characters went to various spots around the reception area and posed for pictures for people for a while.

Just in case you want to try make one for yourself here's the ingredients list:

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Wednesday 17 April 2013

Last Day in Disneyland part 1

So on our final day in Disneyland for 2012 we got our stuff packed and stored our cases early and headed for the Disney Village. We had a full day to explore as our flight wasn't until later in the evening. We decided first to try Cafe Mickey for lunch. It wasn't opened when we arrived but there was nobody else waiting so we decided to wait it out. We took turns standing in line and exploring the area around us.

 At 12 Cafe Mickey opened for Lunch. They let people that had reservations in first and then let the rest of the people waiting in. I'd say we waited no longer than ten minutes to get in once they were open.
The food was expensive in here. I had pizza and it was 15 euro. It was 5 euro for a bottle of water but it was worth it to see so many characters without a mob of people to fight. We saw Tigger, Eeyore, Chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto:

After Cafe Mickey we decided to fully explore the Disney Village:
We started at the bottom and went into every shop on the way up taking pictures on the way:
World of  Toys:

Hollywood Pictures:

The Disney Gallery:

The Disney Village was also starting to put up their Christmas decorations:

As well as that they had little Christmas huts selling Christmas related food like chestnuts, warm berry drinks and lollipops:

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Friday 12 April 2013

World of Disney at Disneyland Paris

I decided to dedicate a full blog to the pictures from the World of Disney store in the Disney Village because I had so many of them. This store opened in July 2012 and is the biggest store in the Disney Village at Disneyland Paris. At the Main entrance you are greeted by the two main Disney mice:

Around the outside of the building is carvings of various Disney characters as well and Disney related pictures:

Going in the main entrance where Mickey and Minnie are the first area has a starry sky look to the ceiling with various Disney characters among the stars:

Then in the very centre of the shop if you look up are some very cute pictures of various Disney scenes and a hot air balloon in the extreme centre of the shop:

The pictures from this area can be bought in a smaller format.  The merchandise is the same as most of the other shops around the parks and village there's just more of it.