Saturday 6 May 2017

A Magic Morning in Disneyland

Day 6, part 1:
Saturday, 22nd November

This morning we got up bright and early as we had a Magic Morning hour to use in the Disneyland Park. At 8am we joined a line being herded up Main Street and into Fantasyland.
 I joined a queue to get fast passes to meet Anna and Elsa while my trip buddy went to look for something for breakfast. She came back with dried apple slices:
We managed to get fast passes with a return time for 9.10 so since the return time wasn’t that far away we stayed around Fantasyland and did a few rides. First up was Snow White’s Scary Adventures:

Next to Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure:
I took a quick picture of Dumbo while the ride was empty:
 Then we went to Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. By now the park was opened so wait times were getting longer and Mr. Toad was a 15 minute wait:

While we were waiting for Mr. Toad I noticed I had lost a button from my shoe so we retraced our steps to try to find it but we no luck it was time to queue for Anna and Elsa. Although we had fast passes there was still a long wait for them. I just took pictures while we waited. The carousel was across from their meet and greet. I was trying to spot the horse with the gold ribbon on it’s tail as it was meant to be Lillian Disney’s favourite but I never found it:
In the queue there was a lady in front of us with a return time of 9.30. It wasn’t quite 9.30 yet there was a CM taking the fast passes and the lady was told to get out of line that she was not allowed to queue early and had to come back at the return time stated on her fast pass. We went on ahead of her then and we waited about an hour before we got to see Anna and Elsa. Olaf was on the roof of the Royal reception room though “talking” to everyone which was amusing and seemed to make the time pass quicker:
He kept saying stuff like, has anyone got any sun lotion I can borrow and admiring people’s shoes and asking if he could borrow them then going oh silly me I don’t have any feet, can I borrow your feet. Eventually we got in to see Anna and Elsa and they did take loads of time with us. I was wearing an Olaf t-shirt which they both loved. They chatted for ages and we got loads of pictures with them and then as we were leaving Anna wished us a safe sleigh ride home.
Before I left the area I asked a CM what the time fast pass return time was at now out of curiosity and it was already at 7.30pm just an hour after official park opening! Anyway after that we headed to the Storybook canal boats. Casey Jr. went by while we were waiting:
Soon enough it was time to go on the canal boat and we headed into the  belly of the whale:
Disneyland Paris has a similar ride to this and has little characters in each scene. While Disneyland California’s had different scenes to Paris there was no characters at all. It was still a cute little ride though:

After that we headed towards Toontown stopping to admire the Christmas wreaths along the way:
My trip buddy wanted some food at this point so we stopped at Pluto’s dog house for a quick snack Clickie Once we were fed I headed to check out Minnie Mouse’s house:

Miss Minnie was in her garden greeting everyone as they left as well:
There was a bit of time before the next show we wanted to see so after meeting Minnie we headed into a nearby shop to check out some of the cute merchandise:

Lollipops galore:

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