Sunday 7 May 2017

A Royal Afternoon in Disneyland

Day 6, part 2:

Next it was time to head to the Fantasyland Theatre for Mickey and the Magical Map. We loved everything about this show from the characters to the music:

Once Mickey and the Magical Map was over we took a stroll back through Fantasyland stopping at the castle to explore its Sleeping Beauty walkway:

The next show we wanted to see was in the Fantasy Faire area and since we were a bit early for it we just wandered around the area taking picture for a while:

I spotted that the wait time for the princesses was only 15 minutes long so hopped in line. Seems we got there at the right time as well because by the time I got back out of the meet and greet the wait time was 40 minutes. Anyway the first princess I met was Snow White who was delighted that my pen had a picture of her on it:
 I also met Cinderella and Ariel. Ariel loved my Olaf t-shirt and said that Olaf was silly like her friend Flounder:
When I was done hanging out with royalty we decided to grab a quick snack at Maurice’s treats before the show:

I tried the chocolate twist and it was super yummy:
Finally it was time to go into the Royal Theatre for the Beauty and the Beast show. It was a really funny, super quick telling of the story panto style:
 Gaston had a skunk for hair lol:
There was even a sing song of Tale as old as time in the middle:

After the show our plan was to head for dinner but I spotted Princess Merida who I’d never met before and it looked like an extremely short line so I got in line to meet her but it took 45 minutes to get to her from just 6 people back. Merida was seriously taking her time with everyone but in fairness she was awesome. I watched her spend 20 minutes with one little girl. She was teaching the child how to curtsy but fell over so stayed on the ground playing games with the little girl, peeking though the fences at the ducks and flowers. It was so cute to watch. When I got to her my Rose pen got stuck in her hair so I had to pull it out. She told me it didn’t hurt as much at the time she got a whole crown stuck in her hair. My autograph book confused her a little cos it was full so she had to sign on the back of a page another princess had signed. She didn’t seem to want to share:

After meeting Merida we headed to Tomorrowland and I popped into Star Traders to pick up a new autograph book before we joined a very long line to meet Hiro and Baymax. Baymax was super cute hugging everyone and giving fist bumps:

Once we met Baymax and Hiro we headed to the Plaza Inn for food Clickie before wandering through some of the shops in Tomorrowland:

We decided to do a few more rides before we left the park so first up was Small World with had a 45 minute wait but I took a few pictures while waiting and the time seemed to pass fairly quickly:

Soon enough we were boarding our boat for the North Pole:

I loved that there was little Disney characters all around this Small World as well:

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