Saturday 20 May 2017

Warner Brothers Studios to Anaheim!

Day 8, part 2:

So our next stop on our tour was at the Warner Brothers Studios for the studio tour. This dude was standing outside on our way in:
Our guide brought us in to get our tickets and then we just hung around the gift shop waiting for our tour to start:
 The tour started with a movie showing the history of the Warner Brothers Studios before we went out to little carriages and were brought first to a little forest area that they use to shoot forest or wood scenes. There was also a few buildings nearby like this one which we were told was used as the paintball shed in Big Bang Theory:
Next we drove to one of their permanent town sets which has been used in movies like the Gremlins and shows like Gilmore girls, 2 Broke Girls and Pretty little liars:
We also made a quick stop at the Geller House from Friends:
After we left the Geller House we drove around and saw a few more of the permanent buildings such as the café from 2 Broke Girls:

And this building was the front of Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment in the Big Bang Theory:
 Next we headed to a museum area that had Harry Potter and Batman props. First I went to check out the Harry Potter props:

We got to try on the Sorting hat and be sorted into houses. I got Hufflepuff. The girl sorting people explained it was Cedric Diggory’s house and means a lot of stuff like you’re a great friend:
 Bellatrix and Death-eater costumes:
We took a quick look around the Batman costumes and props before it was time to head back to our tour:

 Next we headed to the front lot and saw some of the stages where they build the sets. We visited Central Perk and got pictures on the couch:
 We also went to see the Batman cars:

We also drove past the studio where Ellen films her show. Her producer walked out as we were passing and said Ellen wouldn’t be there for another hour:
We visited the set for Two and a Half Men before we headed back to the main building. We had a browse in the shop before we left. My trip buddy got these to take home:
Next we headed to see the Hollywood sign:
After that we headed back to Downtown L.A. with our guide pointing out radio stations and buildings used in movies along the way. We also passed the Walt Disney Studios:
Our final stop on our tour was at the Biltmore Hotel where the Academy awards used to be filmed. This place was fabulous. Pictures really don’t do it justice:

Our guide also showed us the room the awards used to be held in. I was surprised how small it seemed:
After that we headed back to Anaheim. We got to our hotel at about 6.30:

We were both to tired to go very far for food so we just got a couple of pizza slices from a nearby takeaway and brought them back to our room and had a much needed early night after our food:


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