Sunday 7 May 2017

The end of a long day at Disneyland

Day 6, part 3:

So after Small World we decided to head back through Fantasyland and do the rides we missed earlier in the day. The park was opened until midnight this night so as it got later the park seemed to get busier so by now most rides had a 45 minute wait time but we decided to stick it out and our next stop was at Peter Pans flight:

 Next we headed towards the Alice in Wonderland ride stopping to take pictures of the lanterns over the tea-cups along the way:
Soon after we were hitching a ride on a caterpillar through Wonderland:

Before we went to California I had read online that the bathrooms near the Alice in Wonderland ride were worth checking out so we made a quick pit stop in there. The doors were all painted like cards:
Next we decided to go back to Small World once more and we got there just on time for the clock figures to start their dance:
 Soon we were travelling around the world on the slow boat again:

As we were getting back to dry land the fireworks started:

We started to head back through Tomorrowland at this stage but made a quick stop at Tomorrowland Terrace because they had Baymax drink cups: 
I spotted that the Nemo Submarines only had a 20 minute wait so decided to try that. My trip buddy had had enough of the park for the night so sat watching these guys instead:
 The submarines for the Nemo ride were really cramped and if you so not like small spaces it is definitely not the ride for you. I also think it would probably be better in daylight but I managed to get a few photos anyway:

After that we decided to head towards the exit. It was 11pm now and we had been in the park 15 hours at this stage. We did of course stop for pictures on our way out though:

It was a long but fun day. 

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