Saturday 29 April 2017

It all started with a Rabbit!

Day 4, part 1:
 Thursday, November 20th 2014

So this morning we started out with breakfast at Surf’s up Clickie
 Once breakfast was done we headed straight to California Adventure. This was our first day visiting this park and at least one of us was very excited:

First order of business once we got inside was to meet the Rabbit who started it all, Oswald!
After meeting Oswald we wandered up through the shops and found Santy and his elf all by themselves in Elias and Co.

Santy's elf gave me a candy cane before we headed outside. We stopped by the giant Christmas tree for some photos and to check out some of the cute decorations on it:

Red car trolley decoration:

We stopped by this pair for a few photopass pics:
 Next we headed towards the Grizzly River Run to get fast-passes for World of Colour. There wasn’t many people there and we managed to get fast-passes for the Blue Section. We took some photos while we were in the area:

 We also took a wander into this shop:

They had a boat full of plush toys:
Before we left here I stopped to pin trade with a CM at the front of the shop. She noticed my 1st visit button and the button from Surf’s up and asked us if we had enjoyed our breakfast and then gave my trip buddy and myself a happily ever after button each because it was our first day in Disney California Adventure. She also gave me a map of all the pressed penny locations around the resort. After that awesome little touch of pixie dust we continued on our way and passed by Kenai and Koda:
My trip buddy at this stage was eager to get to some rides so for our first ride we headed to Voyage of the Little Mermaid:

After our voyage under the sea we headed across to Toy Story Mania stopping for photos along the way:

We also spotted Daisy Duck out so stopped for some photos with her:

When we eventually got over to Toy Story Mania there was a 30 minute wait time posted so we decided to skip it but I did take this picture before we headed on our way:
Along the pier there was various games to play and try win prizes. We decided to have a go at this one:
The CM there wasn’t the happiest in the land but I did win a little turtle. After that we headed towards the area our next show we wanted to see was going to be in which I will continue in the next blog post! 

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