Friday 29 January 2016

Trader Sam's

The Second full day we were in California we had Dinner in Trader Sam's at the Disneyland Hotel. 

I had read about it online and thought it sounded like a fun place to eat. Anyways it was kind of dark inside but the walls and ceiling were full of pictures and Tiki faces and random other bits and bobs that apparently Trader Sam is supposed to have collected on his travels or something of the sort:

They have a few speciality drinks in this place and when anyone orders one a load of sound effects and drumming go off which was quite fun to see. We were served pretty quickly in here although the waiter wasn’t the happiest CM in the world.  We both ordered the Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich:

I also  got a Schweitzer Falls to drink. It said it was supposed to have “tropical juices” but it just tasted of pineapple:

Despite the grumpy waiter we thought the food was good and it was a fun and interesting little place to eat in and loved seeing and hearing the special effects that went with the speciality drinks. 

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