Friday 29 January 2016

Los Angeles back to Anaheim

Wednesday, 19th November, part 2:

So after we left the Walk of Fame we headed towards Beverly Hills:
Next we headed down Rodeo Drive. The guide told us to watch out for celebrities, we didn't see anyone though just lots of over-priced shops. After that it was straight on to the Farmers Market:
We didn’t stop there for very long so my trip buddy and myself only browsed one nearly shopping checking out their quirky Christmas decorations: 
Once everyone was back on the bus we headed back to Anaheim I spotted an Irish pub on the way:
The guide said this closed down coffee shop is rented out for movie companies:
The Staples centre… I only know of this because Michael Jackson's Memorial was there and it was all over the news:
We got back to Anaheim after 6 and the guide was even good enough to drop us at the hotel we were planning on having dinner in, The Disneyland hotel, so we didn't have to walk to it. Mickey and Minnie were outside the hotel to welcome us: 
Then inside they had a giant gingerbread house:
Christmas tree in the lobby:
They had some pretty cute furniture in the lobby as well: 
We headed outside then past the Monorail pool:
We had dinner in Trader Sam's Clickie before heading out under the Sorcerers hat into Downtown Disney:

The first thing we saw in Downtown Disney when we crossed the road was a huge Christmas tree and ice rink:
We wandered back through Downtown Disney towards our hotel stopping along the way for a look at a few shops. Beauty and the Beast lego:
While we were in Downtown Disney the fireworks started in the park and we stopped to watch them for a few minutes: 
And we obviously couldn’t pass World of Disney without a quick look as well:
When we got back to the hotel we collapsed into the bed completely exhausted but happy with our tour of Los Angeles.

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