Sunday 27 June 2021

I'm back and I bring news of a Mickey Loot box!

Hello blog community. It's been a loooooooonnnnngggg time since I posted here but figured I'd carry over some of the more recent trip reports and talk some other Disney things I've tried out since I last posted. First up Mickey Loot subscription boxes. Mickey Loot are a subscription box company who do various levels and pricing of  subscription boxes based on the old Disneyland Ticket system. They also do limited release boxes, pin boxes and one time boxes among others. So after I saw a posting for a box someone received from the company I started looking at YouTube videos of what other people had received. The company seemed like a great idea, they promised Disney park items and not living near the American parks this was a major appeal for me. They also offered free international shipping again major appeal. 

So I ordered a one time pin box and a limited release Taste of Epcot box on the 24th of April. The pin box was shipped in May after I enquired about it because their website stated that it would take 4-6 weeks for your first box to ship and I thought with it being a generic pin box it would ship quicker. It arrived on the 18th of June and was ok. It wasn’t wrapped like a lot of the boxes the people on YouTube got but that was ok. On their website you can fill in preferences and for favourite characters I had put Stitch, Baymax, Copper and Todd, Olaf, Beast, Eeyore and Tigger and Dopey and Grumpy. I also put I liked Mickey Mouse but the best Mickey Mouse was Sorcerer Mickey. I was hoping from this I’d get pins that were Stitch, Baymax, Copper and Todd the characters that were in the first few I’d mentioned. I also said I preferred park items to other items. 

 So first thing out of the box was a quirky Olaf postcard, nice touch. Next was an earth day lounge fly mystery pin box. From the back of the box Stitch is an option but it’s a blind box so you don’t know who you’re getting and I got Minnie Mouse. She’s cute but kinda tiny compared to the Disney parks blind boxes. There was two Mickey Mouse pins, one from Epcot Flower and Garden Festival and another from Beach Club Resort. The Flower and Garden one is ok, it is growing on me but it’s one I probably would only buy from the Outlet if I was in Florida. The Beach Club pin had a weird mark on the front of it and it is definitely not one I would buy. I don’t like dated pins and I only ever buy resort pins if I am actually staying at the resort on my trip. The last pin out of the box was a Loungefly Baymax pin and although I’d put I prefer park items this one kind of saved the box for me. It was the only one that really hit the mark with my preferences. The pin is super cute and I don’t have many Baymax items so loved this pin.

At the time of writing it is 28th of June and the Taste of Epcot box has not shipped. I also ordered 3 limited release boxes and a one time box at the start of May which have not shipped and I ordered 2 limited release Mickey Loot boxes and a Potter Box from their sister company in June which again have not shipped yet.