Monday 3 July 2017

Around the Land on the Lilly Belle

Day 10, Part 2:

So I was waiting at the Train station for the Lilly Belle and soon enough they came around and gave us all a ticket to board the Lilly Belle:
Soon enough the train came along:
The Lilly Belle was the last carriage on the train.  Our conductor was not the happiest CM in the land but he did tell us a bit of history as we went along. He told us that the carriage itself was on the go since 1958 and all about how Lillian Disney helped to decorate it originally but that it was no longer in its original state as it had been decorated with white wicker furniture and they didn’t wear well. The train went all around the park and we were told when we could stand and take pictures but otherwise everyone sat in silence listening to the history lesson:

Once the train was back at Main Street I found my trip buddy and we took the normal train around the park. The train goes through Splash Mountain so you can see inside and then in Tomorrowland it goes through an area with Dinosaurs:
We eventually got off the train in New Orleans Square and headed here for food Clickie  One we were finished with our lunch stop we headed into Critter Country to pick up some Tigger Tails in Pooh’s Corner:
I tried a bit, it was nice but I preferred the Olaf wand so I bagged the rest of it for later on and we headed towards Adventureland stopping to take some pictures of the Mark Twain along the way:
Next we were headed for a jungle adventure on the Jingle Cruise:
The wait time was 30 minutes and the queue seemed to go round in circles, going up and down stairs for ages before you came to the boats. There was a few jungle themed things to see along the way as well:
 Eventually we got to the boats and headed for our jingle cruise and a cargo plane had dropped tonnes of Christmas items along the way:

Once we were back on dry land we headed for the Jingle Jangle Jamboree where the first thing was saw was Santa’s house which was of course all decorated for Christmas:

Then up around the main stage there was lots of character roaming around in Christmas outfits. Some would pose and some wouldn’t. A few characters were doing what we used to encounter in Paris where there would be a mob of people for pictures and they would only choose the ones that were under 3ft tall which became a bit frustrating after a while:

As well as characters you could colour little star decorations:

There was also postcards you could colour and either leave a message on one to be sent to the American Troops abroad or bring home with you. While we were there a little show started up on the stage so we stayed to watch:
When the show was over we headed to another part of the Jingle Jangle Jamboree and there was a cowboy there singing songs from Toy Story:
We didn’t stay long where he was instead we headed to the Mark Twain and took a quick trip on that:

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